Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting for hire in the Midlands from Lichfield Entertainments

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Hire

Our Laser Clay Shooting allows up to five participants at a time to try their hand at Clay Pigeon Shooting using recoil free de-activated 12-bore shotguns that fire an infra-red beam at special reusable reflective clays launched from a regular clay trap. As the shooting sound effects are produced and controlled electronically there's no need to disturb the neighbours with loud bangs and the hits from each round are shown on a large electronic scoreboard in front of the shooters. The system can be set to run a variety of game types and as in normal clay shooting the height and distance the clays are fired can be adjusted.

The Laser Clay guns are rechargeable and both the clay trap and scoreboard run from portable 12volt power packs so mains electric isn't needed for this activity.

The Laser Clay system is supplied with a friendly member of staff who will run the event for you and ensure all goes smoothly.

Because the guns used are genuine shotguns that have been de-activated we recommend this game for use by ages 10-adult. Younger children are unlikely to be able to support the gun weight.

For a confirmed quote for Laser Clay Shooting hire please contact us with the details of your requirements.