Light Chaser and Lights Out Reaction Speed Games

Our interactive Light Chaser reaction speed game is one of the most modern reaction games available and unlike the flat versions such as Batak ours involves 360 degrees of play.

The player stands in the middle of the four pillars each of which has three illuminating reaction pads. Upon pressing the start button overhead they then have either 30 or 60 seconds - depending on the requested game setting - to touch as many of the twelve pads as they can as they randomly light up. The further you get into the game the quicker the lights change. A countdown timer is on the front of the game so everyone can see the time ticking down and the current score is also displayed.

This game requires a level operating area of 6x6ft with a height clearance of 9ft.

electronic reaction game for hire

Lights Out - Two Player Reaction Speed Game

Two player reaction speed game for hire

Lights Out game - our new reaction speed game. This reaction speed game can be played by two participants playing head to head against each other or one or two players playing individually. It can be set to either 30 or 60second games and it has three different difficulty levels to choose from. There are eleven targets that illuminate randomly over the set time period and you need to tap as many as you can.

Reaction speed game for hire

What our customers say...

'I just wanted to let you know that the guys who were with us on Friday were absolutely brilliant, totally professional but really friendly and helpful – they really made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. They are a credit to your organisation!' - Jackie

'May I just say that your lights out game today was fantastic. We will definitely be in touch about our fresher’s fair later this year.' - Colin

If you have any queries, questions, or would like to hire either of our Reaction Speed Games for your event please click here to enquire and we will do all we can to help.