Event activities and entertainment hire

General Information

You will note that we do not display prices on the website. Because of the nature of our business there are so many variables, such as timings, distances, multiple amusements being booked, supervision, etc prices will vary from event to event. Please send an email, with the event details, including date and venue, and we will forward a full pricelist together with confirmation of minimum order requirement and any delivery costs.

To secure a booking we require the completion of a booking form and in most cases a 20% deposit. No equipment is held, reserved, or booked unless a completed booking form is received and acknowledged. Once we have the booking form we will confirm receipt and issue the invoice accordingly.

If you have to cancel any booking worth in excess of 100 for any reason other than poor weather (see below) the following terms apply: More than 28 days notice then you will lose only the deposit paid. 14-28 days notice then a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total hire fee will be due. Less than 14 days notice then the full charge is payable unless paid within 5 days of cancellation when it will be reduced to 75%. Cancellation fees will be pursued as necessary including legal action if so required.

Weather and Cancellations

The maximum windspeed for the safe use of inflatables as stated by the Health and Safety Executive is 23mph. We will not operate inflatables in wind speeds over this limit. Where inflatables are already in use when the wind reaches this level they will be shut down and deflated until such time that the wind level drops.

Some of the entertainments we offer come with rain covers or rain shelters but many do not. If you find you have to cancel your booking due to a forecast of high winds or constant rain (steady, constant rain and NOT just showers), or we have to cancel due to a weather forecast that would prevent safe use under HSE regs, then there will be a cancellation charge of just 20% of the total fee as long as we are advised 4 hours prior to the scheduled start of the hire. In circumstances where this would be before 8am then the decision must be made by 9pm the previous evening. Any amount already paid over and above the 20% will be returned in these circumstances. However, if the event is postponed to another date within 21 days where we have availability then any amount already paid will be transferred in full and the 20% cancellation charge will not apply.

Outside these terms the full amount is payable. If we are not advised otherwise we will attend the event but if the equipment can't be used safely due to wet weather the hire fee will remain payable in full.

We will always do our best to get to your event but in the event of snow during the winter months this may not be possible depending on the conditions on the roads. We need to be sure that we can get there and back again and have a duty to look after the welfare of our staff. In the event of us being unable to attend due to snow any deposit paid will be refunded in full.

Our Service, Access, and Operating Areas

There are very strict HSE regulations for use of inflatables on hard surfaces, including astroturf, when outdoors that can be very difficult to comply with. If you plan to site any inflatable item outdoors on any surface other than normal grass where 38cm stakes can be used we must be advised prior to booking. If we only find out equipment is be sited on a hard surface on the day we will be unable to proceed but the hire fee will remain payable in full.

We will deliver the equipment, set it up for you, if its being left for you to supervise we will run through the instructions/guidelines and return to collect the equipment all at the times agreed in advance.

The area where the equipment is to be set-up, and the access to the area, should be cleared of any obstructions before delivery.

We will not set-up equipment on sites where fires have been, lawns covered in dog mess, waterlogged or muddy areas, or areas where sharp stones or other debris could damage either our equipment of injure the users. The decision on whether a site is suitable is that of our delivery staff and is final. Our delivery vans must be able to get within 50metres of the equipment site. Access must be suitable for a van without risk of damage or getting the vehicle stuck.

Due to weight of most equipment we are unable to move it up steps. Where there are steps lift access must be available to make delivery possible.

Some of our equipment has to be supplied with a supervisor to comply with the requirement of our liability insurance. Some of our equipment is supplied unsupervised and it is the hirers responsibility to ensure that sufficient adult supervision is provided throughout the hire period. Additional supervisors are available on most items if required at additional cost.

The delivery/start and collection/finish times will be agreed at the time of booking. In most circumstances, due to the busy delivery and collection schedule of the day, we will be unable to vary these times without good notice. Any time lost due to delays in obtaining access to set up due over running meals, blocked access routes, etc will be taken out of the booked session time and the hire will finish at the originally booked finish time. We will always allow a little extra travelling time incase of traffic delays but cannot be held responsible for delays beyond our control.


We accept payments by debit or credit card, or bank transfer. We also accept company, school, or charity cheques. We prefer not to take cheques for private bookings but in cases where this is absolutely necessary and agreed at the time of booking all private cheques must be received, banked, and cleared prior to the event.

We do not normally offer any credit period and payment is due on or prior to delivery. Payment terms will be stated on the invoice and should be queried immediately upon receipt of the invoice if you foresee a problem rather than on the day of the event! Any late or delayed payments, for whatever reason, are subject to a 20% surcharge at our discretion. If you require a credit period this must be stated prior to booking and different hire rates will apply.

Our principle staff hold RPII Operators qualifications so you can be sure that equipment is installed and operated safely ensuring that HSE requirements are complied with.

All of our amusements are designed to be as safe as possible.

All of our equipment has PAT certification and is tested on an annual basis.

To avoid accidents, and to ensure that rules are followed, all amusements should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times during use.

For outdoor events it is preferable that the equipment is operated on grass. If the equipment is to be operated on a hardstanding surface outdoors please check with us prior to booking as stringent HSE regulations apply that can make it difficult for many items. The safe use of our equipment is of paramount importance and our staff will only proceed with an event if it is entirely safe to do so.

In the event of misbehaviour by participants or spectators that could affect the safe running of or risk of damage to our equipment, or rudeness or threats to our staff we reserve the right to immediately cease use of the equipment and remove it from the event. In this instance the hire fee still remains payable in full. On supervised items it is our responsibility to ensure the safe use of the equipment but the behaviour of participants and spectators is that of the customer. The customer is responsible for any damage caused by their guests.

For all equipment supplied on an unstaffed basis the customer is responsible for all and any damage or loss caused to the equipment, however so caused, while on hire to them. They are also responsible for any loss of income caused by the loss of existing contracted bookings for that equipment while is unavailable for use while being repaired or replaced. For equipment supplied on a staffed basis the customer is responsible for all damage or loss caused by themselves or their guests/users.

We do not supply inflatables for use at mud runs, colour runs or similar. Users covered in mud, colour run dye/powder, foam, or facepaints are not permitted to use the inflatables. All shoes/trainers must be removed before using any of the inflatable items.

Power Supply
All inflatables will require a 240 volt electricity supply which should be within 40 metres of the equipment site. If the nearest supply is over 40 metres away please advise at the time of booking so we know to bring along additional power leads. If you are planning to supply electricity from a generator please contact us in advance so we can ensure that you are aware of the correct generator specifications required.

If an electric supply is unavailable we can supply either a generator or a petrol engine blower at additional cost. Please ask for details.

We take great pride in the reputation we have established as a company over the past years for our friendly reliable service where the customer really does come first. You can be assured that we will do all we can to make sure your event is a success.

If you have any queries, questions please click here to enquire and we will do all we can to help.