Roller Bowler and Mini Shuffleboard Games Combo

A recent addition to our range these two games come as package in two halves of one large flightcase. Both games are 6ft long.

The idea of Roller Bowler is roll the ball up the wavy track and get the ball to stay in the dip towards the top. While this sounds simple if you roll it too softly it won't make it to the dip but if you roll it too strongly it will pass through the dip but then come back down even quicker through the dip and back to the start. Not as easy as it sounds and it's frustratingly addictive to get it just right!

Mini Shuffleboard and Roller Bowler Games Combo for hire

The other game in this combo is Mini Shuffleboard. The idea of this two player game is to slide the pucks in to the scoring zones without overshooting and going off the end. You can also try to aim for your opponents pucks and knock them out of the scoring zone reducing their score. The player with the highest score wins.

Shuffleboard game for hire

Mini Shuffleboard and Roller Bowler Games Combo for hire

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