Pixel Play 4-in1 Game

Pixel Play features four retro style games all played on a giant screen made up of nearly 700 large LED coloured pixels. The four games are simple to play so theres no need to be gaming genius that can operate a dozen control buttons at once! Its just simple retro gaming fun that gets everyone involved and creates big smiles.

The four games consist of:

  • Pixel Paddles - this is very similar to Pong as played on the old Atari consoles right back at the very start of gaming! Very simple but very addictive and nearly everyones favourite.
  • Pixel Python - think back to the pre-smart phone days of playing Snake on your Nokia only this version can be played by two players at once.
  • Pixel Pieces - this game takes you back to playing Tetris on your Gameboy. Again, two players can compete side by side.
  • Pixel Paint - Create works of art using the multi-coloured pixels! Think of it as Etch-a-Sketch meets Paint.
  • Pixel Play game for hire from Lichfield Entertainments

    Pixel Play game for hire from Lichfield Entertainments

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